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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

After the Wedding

My precious daughter became a wife nearly two and a half weeks ago. I've opened my laptop to write about the event every day since then.....only to stop. Why have I found it so difficult to write about? It certainly isn't because she was a "Bridezilla" nor did everything go horribly fact, the bride herself said it was the wedding and reception she had imagined.  High praise indeed...because it was simple and quietly elegant with everyone focused on a young couple so happily in love that they glowed.

So why the hesitancy to write about it?

Today I realized it has been because I'm caught in a place of transition....trying to figure out what my place in my daughter's life will be.  Up until about two years ago, we shared a rocky relationship....with my choices, my opinions, my feelings always being somehow not quite right. But I think I'm due a little credit for the fact I never quit trying to have a good relationship with my only daughter....and the persistence paid off.  We gradually began enjoying our time together....wanting to spend time talking and visiting rather than being in that situation of " I'm only here because I feel obligated to spend time with you."

And over the course of her engagement, I felt we moved beyond a mother/daughter relationship and added friendship to the equation. I enjoyed every hectic, worrying moment of helping her put together her Dream Wedding....and I knew my role...Mother of the Bride. But now...what do I become? Whatever she needs me to be....and will do so happily. For now I'll just smile every time she says, "my husband," knowing how long she waited to say those words and how gloriously happy she is.

As for 'her husband,' I love him and call him my son 3.0....

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