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Thursday, July 12, 2012

It Is All Good

After yesterday's biopsy of the large mass in my thyroid, I was exhausted on every level!  The past three weeks were filled with much contemplation and lots of prayer time.  Not long after the decision was made to perform the biopsy, I turned the outcome over to God.  After all, my worrying about what could happen would not change any thing about the situation.  There were times when my mind would wander into those areas filled with questions to which I had no it cancer? advanced might it be?.....will I still be able to work? will I take care of my bills?  On and on the litany went. 

Then I would feel the presence of God saying "here let Me take care of just rest....I have it all under control." And I would pray that He would be glorified through this whole situation....that my behaviour, my attitude, my acceptance would show how much I trust God, how I want to always be in His perfect plan......regardless of the outcome. It is all good.

Yesterday the doctor said we would have the results of the biopsy some time next week.  Believe me when I say I was not looking forward to the wait!  But I was determined not to think about it....the situation was in God's Hands.  Imagine my astonishment when I received a call late this afternoon saying the result were back.  Then imagine my joy when I was told there were NO cancer cells in the tissue samples taken yesterday!  It was my own special miracle and I thank God for sending it my way.

Because of the size of the mass, surgery is still indicated and I'm sure they will send it off to make certain it is not cancerous.  But for now, there is great rejoicing in my family and among my friends.  Their prayers all united to bring me through the stress and anxiety and even the procedure itself.  Prayer unites us in a way nothing else can.

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