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Friday, July 6, 2012

Focus on the Positive

Had an up and down kind of day.  Because of the biopsy I'm facing next week I had a call in to my cousin who is an outstanding Physician's Assistant.  We had a nice long talk about the issues with my diabetes and the two masses on my thyroid gland.  He was reassuring and gave me lots of information and questions to ask my doctor before the procedure.  He also made me feel comfortable with the probability that ,given the size and location of the largest mass I was almost certainly looking at surgery.  My options will be determined by the outcome of the biopsy.

So.....whether I am facing cancer or not is still to be determined.  If cancer is still needs to be decided what kind.  And on and on....I could drive myself crazy.  Right now, all I'm focusing on is the first step....the biopsy which takes place in 5 days.  Positive thoughts and many prayers.....and my faith in a loving God will get me through.

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