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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Perfect Christmas

Christmas Day celebrations have come and gone.  There were happy moments and the prerequisite "family dramas" to round out the day.  This year we had the added element of severe weather. And by severe I mean tornado warning sirens going off at least six times between 3:30 and 7:30.....we were keeping a careful eye on the television weather reports and saw that a massive wedge shaped tornado had touched down in the Mobile neighborhood where my best friend lives. After several frantic phone calls and texts, she finally got a text through letting us know they were safe.

My daughter and I had a long conversation about Christmas celebrations.  I think there lies within a lot of women.....wives, mothers, girlfriends, etc. this deep seated need to make Christmas 'perfect,' the stuff of dreams and fantasies fueled by the constant influx of Hollywood films....."Miracle on 34th Street," both versions, "Its a Wonderful Life," "White Christmas," "Christmas in Connecticut," and I could go on and one. It was true for me for more years than I care to remember.....and I never accomplished or reached perfection. So I've quit trying....and I just take joy in whatever comes.

Because I've learned that I cannot 'create' happiness for anyone but myself......I'm willing to share my happiness with those around me, but their own happiness is their responsibility. 

And as for the "perfect Christmas," it doesn't exist....never has. Even the first Christmas wasn't perfect.....Mary and Joseph reached Bethlehem and found it full of travelers much like themselves. As a result, there were no vacancies at any inn.....then Mary went into labor somewhat unexpectedly I'm sure.  An innkeeper took pity and led them to a stable in the side of a hill....and as any woman who has given birth will tell you....a barn full of noisy animals is not an ideal place to give birth.

But thankfully, from those less than ideal circumstances came the birth of God's Son, His perfect gift to us in the form of an innocent maybe that Christmas was perfect after all.

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