Glacier National Park 2010

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Though second chances are rare, they do occur. How one might ask, does one recognize a second chance? For me it was by stepping free of the prison of self doubt I allowed to capture me. For years I listened to an inner litany of "I made this choice, this decision so I must live with the consequences, take responsibility." However, one day I was asked if a bad choice requires staying in a life long misery to atone for an unwise, immature decision?

And I had to say.....absolutely not! That being said, I accepted my responsibility and moved on past beating myself up about choices made in the immaturity of my youth, or in the heat of anger or disappointment, or in the fog of depression.

I stepped up and said, "this was not what I had in mind, not what I dreamed of, wanted." I chose a path to happiness and fulfilment. It is not an easy path by any means. Far easier to maintain the status quo than to work toward a life not half over but just beginning.

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