Glacier National Park 2010

Saturday, September 13, 2008


In the mirror,
lookingback at me,
a mere reflection
of who I used to be.

Lean closer,
l ook deeper,
Past the tiny
wrinkles crinkling
the skin near my eyes.
Beyond the wiry strands
of silver mixed in
with the blonde,
Who is that?

Its the woman
I will be.

A woman empowered
by the thought
of independence,
A woman with an
untapped reservoir
of desires,
A woman willing to share
from a wellspring
of love,
A woman looking forward
with expectation.

Reaching back to memories
of past successes,
Drawing encouragement
from the girl who was me,
the one who with a smile
said to the world,
This is who I am!

Now, she's back,
the girl I was,
as a woman,
having survived the years,
the attempts
to keep her on another path,
in another role,
not suited to her spirit.

How freeing,
How liberating,
How downright exhilirating!
To be who I've
wanted to be
all along...

I'm walking with
into a future
I've chosen
and it feels

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