Glacier National Park 2010

Sunday, May 8, 2011


haven't met my goal of blogging daily.....never seems to be enough time....and when there is it seems as if i have no words to share! life just keeps happening whether i am an active participant or not.

my daughter graduated from college two days ago and i of course feel a mother's pride. in some ways i envy her new beginnings and the opportunities which await her. it is easy somedays to think my days of adventure and opportunity are waning....but they really aren't. each day which greets me holds so much promise. the hard part is taking that first step to what lies ahead. although we are only guaranteed the moment we are in, i can move forward to the moment just ahead. to stop and wait for life to happen seems to be the easy way. granted i need to stop and rest at times, to ponder those things which have happened, to savor the good and learn from the bad.....but only i can make my dreams come true. if my happiness is my responsibility so too is my future. there is room for inaction and action, i simply have to decide when each is appropriate.

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