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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Great To Be An Auburn Tiger

War Eagle! War Eagle! War Eagle! Who would have believed it? Even as die hard a fan as myself would never have believed my Auburn Tigers would have climbed so far in just one year's time...but they have done it....and as I have always said, it is great to be an Auburn Tiger!

Sports writers across the country are calling them a "team of destiny," but that is not what I see....instead, I see a group of young men who have come together as a 'band of brothers' if you will.  They have become family....a family that works and plays together.....sticks together through the bad, remember last year?...and strives to be better.....and it has paid off. This year they are playing for a National Championship title.

Each week, each game this season, I enjoyed watching the camaraderie grow and develop. Yes, they became better as a football team, but I enjoyed seeing the encouragement these young men gave one another.  It was a lesson to matter how tough things get, encourage the people around you...and life gets better. I liked knowing that these young men had also learned that working hard pays off.....that success depends on a strong work ethic....not on hand outs.

So, I'm proud of these Auburn Tigers....but not just because of their winning season....but because they never gave up....

It is a reminder to me that when my life seems to be imploding, I should NOT give up.....continuing to work hard, staying on track, listening to my 'Coach' who has my life game all planned out, will eventually bring good into my life......

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