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Thursday, November 28, 2013

My New Motto

Thanksgiving morning! So many much to be thankful for....and a decision made, to live thankfully every day!

This month I have seen many friends on Facebook posting daily the things for which they are thankful.  Reading them was a reminder of all the blessings one can be touched by....and also, a list of the ways one can spread the kindness. Now, more than at any other time, I see a pressing need for all of us to reach out in love, in kindness, in friendship to the people who are cohabitants of this planet with us!

There is a saying, "good things come to those who wait," which I've decided to change a order to fit the way I want to live.

"Goodness comes to those who wait for God's plan to unfold...."

The past several years have been filled with lessons for me from a God who has proved over and over again how much He loves me.  To be honest I've not always 'waited' patiently for His plan to unfold...but I'm beginning to see how much better it works when I do! For example.....

My relationship with my daughter has always, always, been a tempestuous one! And after my divorce, it became even more difficult.  As I've said before, there were times when I doubted we would ever share the kind of relationship I have always craved.  Well, guess what?! My 'baby girl' spent the night with me last night....and we've spent this morning laughing, drinking coffee, and preparing food to take to my parents' Thanksgiving dinner.  I had a chance to share family recipes and cooking 'secrets' with my soon to be married daughter....and it made my heart so glad!

Many sleepless nights filled with tearful prayers coupled with a loving, caring God have brought me what I so wanted.....a sharing, caring relationship with my only daughter. So my new motto is true and works for me.....

"Goodness comes to those who wait for God's plan to unfold....." especially because I know that God is always with me, even when I'm impatient.......but I'm getting better.

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