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Monday, November 25, 2013

A New Focus

Since my last post, I have tried to view people and situations from a more positive slant.  It has truly helped.  And I have been witness to several "mini miracles," which helped boost my morale....which in turn made it easier to go to work.

And like I've said before, blessings take many sizes, shapes and forms! Quite a few this week have come in the form of First and Sixth Grade students who attend a peer tutoring group I'm in charge of and which meets every morning before school at 7:15. A group of our Sixth Grade Beta Club students serve as mentors and tutors to ten struggling EL students. I have been impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication the Beta members have shown toward the task. They have taken to heart the idea that they are role models to these younger students and show up every morning eager to work.

As for the First firs,t there was hesitancy on their part.  After all, Sixth graders can be awfully tall and sometimes communication is difficult because of language barriers; however, smiles and high fives can say a lot. It has been amazing to watch the friendship and trust grow between the two groups. Some of the young ones who, at first, wouldn't say a single word can now be observed chatting happily with their mentors.....some have gone from knowing less than five sight words to being able to recognize nearly 100! The growth of self confidence in these sweet children is heart warming.

I must confess that when asked to head up this program and to change the focus of my job from assisting in writing instruction to targeting At-Risk EL students, I was less than enthusiastic. Quite honestly, the resentment was my way of handling the rapid fire changes going on around me...I felt that I was being punished....for what, I don't know....and pulled away from the thing I enjoyed the most....which was encouraging students to embrace writing as a means of self expression.

But you know what? Those changes came from my God, who knew there was a need somewhere else and that He wanted me to be part of meeting the need.  My anger was born of focusing on what I wanted rather than what God wanted for me. And He always knows what is best. Because, after all is said and is His Plan.

So, now I am beginning to look forward to getting to work each morning....who wouldn't when there are 10 little six year olds waiting with big smiles and lots of hugs eager to hold my hand as we walk toward our room? It gets even better when the "big kids" greet their little buddies and the fun begins....yes, I said fun. Because to all of them, learning has become something to be enjoyed and shared.

Yep, God has a Plan and when I manage to stumble back onto the right is good.

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