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Monday, January 12, 2015

Answered Prayers

Last week was pretty amazing! Not sure what to share first because it is all good. I'll try to remember it chronologically.

Keep in mind the roller coaster I endured over the past 8 months with regards to my job. I believe it was Tuesday afternoon. The day had passed quickly and I had just walked one of my precious students to meet his Mama at the front of the school. My heart was warm at the image of the smiling child and his smiling Mama. This was not always the case for them however that is a story for another day. As I walked back to the classroom to get things ready for the next day, it hit me. The knowledge that I was "home," in the place where I belonged! Believe me when I say I never thought I would feel that way after 16 years in a different school. But I did... I do.

I still love my friends from my old school....still talk to them....still see them....enjoy going out to dinner with them. That will never change. But my job has changed....and it has become even more of a blessing.

The next day was my birthday. I didn't say anything to anyone at my new workplace about it but thanks to FB I was greeted with "Happy Birthday!" from several people throughout the day. It was nice. Then two of my new friends took me out to dinner to celebrate! I felt so special.

Now I have to say I believe very strongly in answered prayers. That being said, I also am certain the answer will sometimes be no, not right now. This week I had a prayer answered in a most wonderful way. I live in a two bedroom apartment but there has been no real bed in the room since I moved in. For a while an inflatable mattress served the purpose then a twin mattress on the floor. I simply couldn't save enough to buy a bed although I tried. So I decided to pray about it....and I did. For months I talked to God about the situation....and being my bossy self, I made some suggestions....He said He would handle it. So every few prayers I would let God know how excited I was to see how He handled it.

I received a text early in the week from one of my "old" friends. She and her husband had decided they were upgrading to a King bed and would I like to have their queen mattress and box springs! AND they would bring it over and set it up! Well, yes, yes I would! Another friend heard what was going on and provided a mattress frame. My daughter and son in law spent half the day Saturday helping me get all the junk out of the room and to the Christian Mission.

There is a song that says something like, God put a million doors on earth for His love to walk through let one of those doors be you! I heard it today and thought, that is how He did it! Those friends were willing to let God's love walk through them to me....and my prayers were answered with lots of love.

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