Glacier National Park 2010

Friday, April 11, 2008

Writing Prompts

Here are the guidelines. Relax. Write, write, write. Don't worry about grammar, spelling, or self editing. Just let the words flow. aren't getting "graded" here.

Today's prompt: "I always felt safe......."

I always felt safe at night, snuggled in my narrow bed, as long as my feet didn't dangle over the edge of the bed. Everyone knows that long slithery black snakes are hiding under the bed just waiting to strike any bodily part that hangs over into their territory. And as long as my stuffed brown dog was draped over my the vampires couldn't get to it. And my sheet was tucked around my head with just my nose sticking out.......because the zombie dolls can't see you if only your nose is showing. And I had said all the God blesses which needed to be said in order to protect all those I loved from any sort of tragedy. Yes, I think I was a safe well-adjusted and certainly fearless child.

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