Glacier National Park 2010

Monday, August 11, 2008

So It Is With Me

Hollow,empty, barren, withered,
So it is with me.
Each implies a lack of life,
of living.
Yet there is a semblance of life,
of living,
still to be found.
Like a nest of fledglings beginning life in the hollow
of a tree,
Like an empty pitcher refilled
with cold, clear water,
Like a barren field plowed and planted
each spring,
Like a withered lantana with small buds
of green pushing through the soil.
So it is with me.
Hollow yet longing for new life,
Empty of emotion yet needing to feel again,
Barren of purpose yet longing for goals,
Withered by the pain of betrayal yet
yearning to be loved.
So it is with me.
For now.

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