Glacier National Park 2010

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Tears

My tears flow endlessly,
Streams of broken dreams
from deep within me.
Each tear, a prayer,
a cry for an end to the
pain I bear.
Each tear like a diamond
forged by the weight
not of the earth
but of pain.
Glistening and clear,
brought forth with sharp tools,
some of steel,
but others with a much sharper implement,

My tears flow endlessly,
streams of cleansing grief.
Each tear a step forward,
a declaration of determination.
Each tear a symbol,
of what has ended,
and what will begin.

My tears flow endlessly,
A river of life,
from a once emptied well.
Each tear a memory,
of what?
The future will tell.

My tears,
My dreams,
My pain,
My future,
My tears flow endlessly,
with hope.

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