Glacier National Park 2010

Friday, March 20, 2009

Something Good

The past few days I've thought about a lesson I learned from someone close to my heart......"tell me something good"......his lesson being if we can name one good thing in our lives especially in times of hardship then our focus changes. Instead of being dragged down into the mire by whatever is going "wrong" in our lives at that moment, we begin finding the positives which make our lives joyous and intensely worth living.
Being newly divorced after a very long marriage and rediscovering the person I am, there are times when life in general can throw so many curve balls I don't know which to try to catch first! But.....if I stop .....become still....take a deep breath.....focus not on the problematic issues but on finding the good.......then God is there.....and I draw on His strength.....His boundless mercy....His love.............and face each issue head on. Because it is only in addressing the problem that I can begin to solve it.
And for know I can solve it.....on my own....without needing someone else to take charge of so empowering. It makes me feel strong and valuable and capable and so many other things! "Tell me something good."

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