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Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, Monday

It is Monday morning and guess where I am?  Home.....enduring a full blown pain flair....sigh. After nearly two and a half weeks of feeling somewhat normal health wise, I awakened about four o'clock this morning with pain so deep within my muscles I wondered if I could even get out of bed and crawl to the bathroom!  Of course, I was eventually able to shower, dress and head to work.  Why? Well, I have morning hallway duty every morning with the first and second graders ( and most of the time the third graders since that duty person is always late but that's another tale).  And because I am an optimist, I like to hope that maybe after I've moved around some my body will loosen up and the pain will ease.  Not today apparently. 

The weird thing is not only am I in pain, I have a sense of anticipation! Because I know God has something to teach me through my fibromyalgia, I'm wondering what part of the lesson might be revealed today.  Crazy I know but don't you agree anticipating something wonderful is much better than waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak?  I know I am not suffering alone because the Maker and Creator of all things is with me.....He really back through my previous blog entries and you'll know why I believe that with all my heart.

Do you remember my three goals for 2013? Quick refresher.....I am going to write for the blog more....check,work on my Tangled drawings more...again, check, and most importantly, read all the way through the Bible along with my friend Melissa.  That gets a check also! One thing I've noticed about the folks in Genesis and Exodus is they have no problem believing and accepting God's spiritual, and sometimes physical, presence in their day to day lives.  Believers today seem to think those things no longer happen or at least no one talks about it happening.

I choose to believe that God is as powerful today as He's always been and that He can do whatever He wants.  That is why I know He hears my prayers, He knows my pain, He shares my joy.My problem has always been trying to do everything for and by myself so as not to "bother" God. And maybe that is why He has allowed this debilitating pain to be a part of my existence. I cannot do everything for myself anymore and must humble my proud heart to allow God to do what He needs to do.

 Could that be my lesson today? If it is then let me get out of the way and let my Loving God do what He needs to do with me.  And God?  Thank you. 

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