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Friday, May 3, 2013

Life is a Whirlpool

"I'm so dizzy my head is a whirlpool it never ends...."

My head really is spinning because for some reason I'm having trouble with my inner ear! Yesterday was dreadful...I stood up and the room tilted dramatically....and then there was the nausea....yuck.  Today is somewhat better.  As long as I can touch the solid when I walk...then the room remains stationary.  When seated, if my head is pressed into the back of the chair or sofa, then I am or rather my vision remains steady.  I have to be anchored in some way.

What an apt description of my life! To remain upright and steady, to travel on a straight path, I need to be anchored to something solid and steadfast. And I know this how? Because for a good part of my life I wasn't anchored to anything and my life reflected it.  I was constantly unbalanced by troubles and problems which of course I "handled" by myself.  As a result I often ended up flat on my back with tears running down my face.

My anchor is my faith.  My faith is in God. Although simplistic, it works for me.  Of course there are those who would question the simplicity of it.....argue with my reasoning....whatever.....because they want to "understand" or more often than not, they want to "prove" to me how wrong I am.  But here it is, my faith is just that, my faith. I do not have to prove it to you or anyone else for that very reason.  You have to discover your own faith has been grown through a multitude of trials and yours must be, if it is to work for you.

Start at my beginning in God......then and only then will your faith begin to grow.  Use God as your anchor in this ever spinning world of choices, trial, tribulations, etc.  He will keep you steady.

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