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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

To Be Myself

Is it just me or is this week moving at a snail's pace? 

The painting project is off to a good start.....though it is physically more demanding than I had anticipated.  Having to climb up and down the scaffold to reach the limbs put stress and strain on muscles I didn't know I had....even now three days later I feel twinges of pain in my arms and back.   Even so...I cannot wait to get back to it!

I began painting the sketch I had done on the wall....but with my music playing in my ears I felt a freedom to move beyond the preplanned penciled lines.  I felt the branches flowing from the end of my brush....I never wanted to stop painting.  If my body had not protested as it did I would not have stopped. I wanted to make the branches reach around the walls all through the house....and I wanted to add a stream and birds and flowers and....just create my own little paradise....all on the walls of that house.

It probably wouldn't have been what the client had in mind....but I would have loved it.

Maybe that is why the week seems to move so slowly....I can't wait for the weekend so that I can add to the mural...see more of it come to life....and in doing so, allowing more of myself to grow. There are so many things I want to experience before I die.  Painting was one of them....painting without comparing myself to any other artists.....I am my own person with my own style, ideas, and passions.  And I am learning that to be me is the best way to honor my God and Creator.....after all, He made me!

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