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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Being a Child of God

As I sat on my porch enjoying my coffee, I thought about how blessed I am.  There was a nice, gentle breeze blowing....the sun was just barely peaking above the rooftops and it seemed as if the songbirds were having a convention in the trees nearby.  Everything around me was bursting with life.  I could almost feel the goodness.  And then a wonderful stillness stole over me.  It was as if I could feel God's Hand smoothing the worry lines from my brow....His Touch was in the breeze which lifted the strands of hair off my neck....His Song was in the melody the birds so joyfully sang....and His Warmth shone from the rays of sun kissing each plant on my porch.

How blessed to be His Child and to know His comfort and love, to know that no matter what is happening in this world, in my life.....He is there. 

I am still so thankful for the prayer said for me by another child of God nearly a year ago.  Had she not listened to the urging placed in her heart by God, and stepped forward to pray for me in such a powerful way, who knows what course my life might have taken?

That being said....always listen to that still, quiet voice resonating within you.  If God is urging you to step out of that place of comfort and reach out to someone, then do it! Always follow His lead because He needs us to be His instruments of love and peace and encouragement in a world full of sorrow and pain. 

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