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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Value of Little Things

It is a cloudy, rainy day. Amazingly it is cool enough to have the windows and doors open....which anyone who has ever lived in the South knows is a rare occurrence in the summertime.  By this point in June we usually see temperatures in the mid and upper 90's with a heat index which adds misery to every occasion not including a swimming pool. 

I haven't blogged much since school much to do! Finally finished the tree mural to the satisfaction of the client.  During that process I learned much about myself.  For one, I will not assume I can't take on a painting project of any size and magnitude. And I also won't say there are things I cannot paint....the cute little owl in the tree will attest to that.  I had nightmares about painting the requested creature....but when it came down to it, I managed.  It wasn't perfectly lifelike but it fit into the somewhat whimsical scene quiet nicely.

Because of said project, I've decided I quite enjoy painting...even though I have much to learn about the process.  Now my plan is to undertake developing my skills and my style by painting images I enjoy.....images which make me smile. It is like I tell my students about their writing, if you like what you write that is all that matters!

There are lots of projects I want to start...and finish...while I'm on summer break.  I also want to travel a bit....not far or for very long because I'm still on a very strict budget....but I need to renew my thoughts and ideas.  Seeing new places...meeting new people...all serve to give me more to ponder, to write about.  As I am on a journey to discover who I am and what I am capable of, staying cooped up in my tiny apartment tends to narrow my thinking and cramp my creativity.  And we cannot have that!

Until I win the lottery or become a famous writer or will let short trips to unknown destinations refuel my think tank.  One thing I've learned over the past year is that small pleasures have as much value to me as large, extravagant ones.  Each new day is filled with opportunities and possibilities.....and of course, experiences for which I am thankful.

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