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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Becoming An Artist

I'm beginning a new adventure today!  Some of you know I like to draw....well, make doodles on paper actually...hahaha! Someone saw some of my Tangled images and has hired me to paint a family tree mural in their home! Crazy right? I'm both nervous and excited!

Nervous because it is a really big project....a 12-14 foot "family" tree in the landing of the staircase. Don't get me wrong. I have always longed to just paint images on the walls of my apartment....although the management would strongly disapprove! And now I'm actually going to have the opportunity to create something huge!  I've done preliminary sketches and gotten input from the client who has a definite vision in mind.....made some modifications.....done the preliminary drawing on the surface to be painted and I begin painting!  Huge butterflies in my stomach!

Of course, I'm also nervous because I do not want to disappoint.....this tree is special because the client wants it done as a surprise for his daughters who will be arriving the first part of June to spend the summer with him. And his girls mean everything to him!

My excitement comes from being able to take my drawing from my mind to paper to blank wall.  To be able to turn a bare stairwell into a vibrant image of the growth of a family makes my creative juices flow!  Maybe this will turn into something for me....a side job which allows me to take all those creative thoughts and turn them into images which reflect the joy I have inside. It would be so much fun to add some whimsy into unexpected places.

It is kind of neat to know I have a relatives who was an artist who also painted on walls so to speak.  Of course, he painted frescoes in churches in Italy which is a little different from what I'm attempting.  He also was a famous portrait artist having painted a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II among others.  I don't have his skill but I like to think we share some of the same passion.  I had the privilege of visiting him in his studio in Florence when I was 18....a memory I cherish.

For now, I will simply put my passion to work creating something which will bring joy to a father and his daughters.....that will be enough. For now....

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