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Friday, April 26, 2013

Celebrate Where You Are

Today our school had our own Earth Day celebration....I know the official Earth Day is April 22...but we needed a full day for programs and stuff.  Our First Graders presented a wonderful program of music peppered with narrated wisdom.  To see those sweet young faces glowing with excitement at the thought of performing for parents and other students was heart warming.  Our Beta club students shared the performance they did at the State Convention and our show choir performed their last show of the year.  Everything was done in out Outdoor Classroom under the sunny skies.

Lots of parents and grandparents came and shared picnic lunches with the students before the performance which is always crazy fun.  It was sad seeing the Sixth graders who will soon be moving on to Junior many of them started here as kindergartners.  Watching them grow into poised young men and women is a joy.....I'm glad so many of them choose to come back and visit us as they progress through the rest of their school years......they are part of our Pinedale family forever!

I know earlier this week I was doubting my career choice and feeling depressed because I felt as if I had wasted so many years as an aide hoping to eventually be hired as a teacher.........and being passed over for so many positions the past three years. But looking around today, I know I've been where I needed to least up until this point.  Only God knows what He has planned for me beyond this moment......and because He loves me, I know it will be perfect.

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