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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Wedding

The wedding planning has begun! And I am slightly overwhelmed by the number of details one must attend to in order to have a successful event.  My respect for event planners and coordinators has increased dramatically.  My daughter, her fiance, her Dad and I met this past weekend to discuss some of the myriad of details which must be decided upon.  It lasted 3 hours and at the end of that time.....we had a date.....a venue... a photographer....a florist.......and a list of caterers to call. Nothing has been finalized except the date and venue.....everything else is contingent upon availability.

Do you know how far in advance you need to begin in order to have everything fall in place the way one envisioned?  Neither do I apparently....

Nor did I realize how quickly a small wedding turns into a much larger wedding.....very quickly.  Initially I'd thought, with help from friends and family, I'd be able to put together a sweet, romantic wedding for my daughter. That is not to be.  As such, caterers, florists, photographers all must be addition to audio/visual organist and workers....the list goes on.

I now have in my possession a "wedding notebook" in which I record every thought I have about The Wedding!  It goes with me I can record where I saw "wedding bubbles" for sale and for how much.......or places to look for that ribbon we need in that extra special shade.....or menu samples from caterers....One just never knows! This morning I found three more silver hairs on top of my head.....natural aging or results of the The Wedding?  You decide.

It will all come together....eventually.  And all that really matters is that in about ten months, my daughter will become the wife of the man she loves and who loves her.......

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