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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Camel's Back....Part Two

Where to begin? Let's just pick up where we left off at the end of my last post because the craziness continues. No...I think I need to back up a bit because when I started thinking about EVERYTHING which has transpired through this saga.....I started laughing....yep, laughing! When you look at it all lined up it's just funny.

Those who've been following this blog a while know that I had thyroid surgery several months ago which requires me to take thyroid hormone replacement meds.....and you'll also remember that the pharmacy chain I use made a huge mistake when issuing those meds......what I didn't mention was this.....after the big pharmacy chain's mistake I decided to switch to a smaller locally owned pharmacy.  I had all of my prescriptions transferred which involved getting new scripts from doctors and so on.  I felt better dealing with a smaller pharmacy owned and staffed by hometown folks.

One week after I had my prescriptions moved and in place, there was a big ad in the paper revealing that my local pharmacy had been bought by the big pharmacy chain who would now be handling all the patients who'd been customers of said local pharmacy........yeah, I know right? That better explains why I had such a meltdown at the (big chain) pharmacy about the prescriptions being lost and co pays going up etc.

NOW lets rejoin the saga where my last post ended.....

Yesterday I was finally able to see my rheumatologist because there had been a cancellation by another patient.  Found out that the probable reason for the longevity and intensity of this pain flair was that my thyroid replacement hormones were more than likely not at the correct levels yet. Also learned that I had developed some secondary fibro symptoms....didn't even know there was such a thing..... the symptoms consisted of big knots in the ropey muscles in my back which caused a sensation of fiery painful itching. Lidocaine injections into the knots are supposed to help.....for me, not so much. Then I was told a Toradol injection could give me some relief, BUT.....they. did. not. have.ANY. Toradol!!  In fact, there wasn't even a pharmacy in the city who had any.  Well, that's just peachy! However, a pharmacy in a nearby town had 2 doses left......that nearby town just happened to be where I YAY!!

A prescription was called in. I could pick it up on my way back to work and have our nurse give me the first injection. I was so thrilled that I might actually get some relief from the pain which had been my constant companion for the past few weeks. But friends, apparently God has a weird sense of humor and He was trying to teach me a lesson I hadn't quite grasped. When I got to the the other big name pharmacy in my town, I was told to come back in an hour...I'm not joking. 

What could I do? I went to work for an hour, clocked out, again, drove to the pharmacy drive-thru. Yes my meds were ready, I paid, started to drive off and though, "Maybe I better check and make sure I have all I need."  Good thing I did......the medicines in the bag belonged to someone else! A man...whose name wasn't even close to sounding similar to mine........and I began to laugh! 

Sitting there in my car in the parking lot I laughingly said, "Really God? After the long list of of unexpected trials with everything in my life.....we add this little mix up?" But because of everything else which had happened, I slowed down and checked the meds before driving away.  And I realized that maybe God used all those trials to remind me to SLOW down....don't be in such a rush to fix everything myself....take the time to pray and find out how God will handle the hard stuff.

So I'm going to try and slow down.....take each moment, good or bad, as it comes.....and pray, pray, pray. I've no doubt God cares for me now I need to learn to let Him take care of me.

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