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Monday, January 7, 2013

Birthday Blessings

Today is my birthday....the number doesn't matter...not really.  I've never felt my actual age....sometimes I've felt younger, sometimes older.  No matter the year, this day is my day. On this particular day I feel step is mood is brighter...and I proceed through the day expecting only good things.  I am the eternal optimist.

As they grew up my children's birthdays became their special day. On their birthday, they each were allowed to choose what they wanted to eat at each meal....they literally became King or Queen for the day....all choices were, movies, activities.....everything.

The tradition continued for me today.  I had one whole day to treat myself as a Queen! Ah the freedom of it all! But ya know what? I really only made one choice.....I chose to be happy and enjoy each and every moment of my day.  That choice made this day even more special.  So what if I'm another year older....what if there are a few more strands of silver in my hair.....more wrinkles around my eyes?

God's love makes me special to Him every day........that is the best gift ever! So happy birthday to me and thank you Lord for all You've done and continue to do for me....and help me always remember to share all You've given with the people I meet.

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Anonymous said...

We will have to celebrate again when you come visit. No one can have too many "Queen for a Day" days!