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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love One Another Every Day

Today was a not so good day physically speaking.....everything ached....even my eyelashes! My muscles ached with a deep throbbing pain....all my muscles. And yet......

I was swept by a need to tell people in my life how I felt about them....this actually began several weeks ago.  Some days it is impossible to control I find myself telling people how much they mean to me.....

Of course, I tell my children "I love you" every time I see them.....but sometimes it doesn't seem enough.  The feelings I have for each of them surpasses mere words and the need to express and explain to each of them overwhelms me.  I hope that they know...without words....the utter joy they've brought to my life and how their very existence completes me. And as I answered when my daughter asked me, "who do you love the best?" I love Michael best because he is my first born, I love you [Melissa] best because you are my only daughter, and I love Lewie the best because he is the youngest. They each hold a very special place in my heart....and always will.

It is my belief that the way things are in the world today we should all make a concerted effort to let
those we love and care about know it in any and every way......and people we admire and respect should know that as well. The only moment we are guaranteed is the one we are living.....make it count in some one's life.

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