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Sunday, January 13, 2013

One out of Three

I've not done so well on my resolutions this week have I? It wasn't that I didn't think about writing more....I did, I really did! But it seemed as if I had neither time nor energy nor, for that matter, did I have a single inspired thought. I wish I could say I worked on my art a bit.....nope, not one line did I draw.  And the third resolution....reading through the entire Bible.....I have actually been reading several chapters yay! Because that is the one resolution which I feel will bear fruit.

The reading guide I'm following has me reading through the book of Job at this point.  If you've never read it try it some time.  I was dreading it because I wasn't looking forward to reading about another man's trials and tribulations when I have enough of my own to deal with. But its been really good for me. 

Job was a faithful prosperous man of God who loses all he has.  Because of this he asks God to just take his life so that his trials and tribulations will be over.  His friends approach him and remind him of how Job has always comforted and counseled those around him. How Job encouraged others to rely on God's strength and comfort during hard times.  They ask why he can't take his own advice....find comfort and strength to endure what he's experiencing.....what an eye opener for me!

What a great reminder! Up until a few days ago I hadn't experienced a really bad fibro pain episode since November. I woke up Friday and could barely move.....went to work.....came home...and felt as if I couldn't get up the stairs to my apartment.  Still not feeling to great today. And to be honest, I felt myself slipping into a dark mood.....why now God?....You've given me some great days, so why can't they go on? is not fair!

Then I thought about Job.....and I was reminded that God is with me in good times and matter how bad the bad becomes! I'm not alone in this pain today....He is here holding me in His loving arms......He will be with me tomorrow as I go through my day no matter the level of pain....and my praise for Him will be eternal.

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