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Monday, March 4, 2013

Learning to Abide

At home today....yeah, a "fibro flair" after many amazing weeks without one. Haven't actually been totally pain free but it has been much more manageable....sigh....I did go in to work, did my morning duty....then had to leave.

God is teaching me something I'm sure....because I have so very much to learn about so very many things.

Perhaps He's already planted the seed.  Eight months ago I bought Beth Moore's book Praying God's Word Day By Day and I read it every morning as part of my devotional reading. Today she said, "Help me not only fully accept how much You love me, but help me to abide in Your love (John 15:9.) It started me thinking.

Since that moment eight months ago when I was reminded how much God did indeed love me, I have lived moment by moment, day by day accepting that love. Now I think I need to go a step further....learn to "abide" in His love. But what does that mean?

To abide means to remain, to reside, to continue without God's love. How comforting is that? To God's love, to God's love, to continue without God's love.  In God's total, forgiving, accepting, encouraging, unchanging, nurturing, nourishing LOVE! It is all there for me...and you...and anyone who wants it.

I accept God's love in all its manifestations and from this moment, I will strive to learn how to 'abide' in His love, moment by moment, day by day. It is His gift to us.

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