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Friday, September 21, 2012

Lessons Learned

Its been a few weeks since I've had the time and the energy to write! And I have missed it so. Lots of things have been going on as well. I've had several doctor's surgeon released me saying I was healing as expected. The pain and tenderness I'm still experiencing will continue until all the nerves have healed which apparently takes the longest amount of time in the healing process. My endocrinologist says he's pleased with my progress as well.....blood sugar numbers are continuing to A1C has dropped significantly and is closer to normal than its been in years.....yay! Saw my regular doctor yesterday and he's trying to help me lower the cost of my meds by trying some new generic combos.....fingers crossed 'cause finances are really tight. Which leads me to my latest adventure in faith.

As you know, I'm a certified teacher working as an instructional aide but really need to find a teaching job....teachers don't make much....and aides make even less. Teaching jobs for English teachers are few and far between so I was surprised to receive a call earlier this week from a school wanting to set up an interview. I mean we are four weeks into the school year after all. But you know me.....I've been trusting God to provide and felt that maybe He was once again giving me an opportunity.

The thing is the interview was at a school nearly two hours away. I had to take a half day off work which meant loss of pay plus I had to buy gas for the car. That much money was not budgeted for this point in the month....BUT.....what if this was THE job? If I got the job, it would be a big move...lots of details to work out in a short amount of time....leaving the only town I'd ever lived say I was conflicted is an understatement!

The night before the interview I tossed and turned.....praying for a feeling of peace about this opportunity. I listened to praise and worship songs and prayed as I drove hoping for clarity about my decision to pursue this job.  As I sat in my car parked in front of the school, I asked God to make His will in this situation crystal clear.....and I went into the interview.

What happened next was both surreal and miraculous in a strange sort of way.  I've been through many interviews in my life so I can say with certainty, that interview was the worst I've ever experienced.  The three women(two administrators and one department chair) who conducted the interview were rude, condescending and thoroughly unprofessional.  I had gotten up before dawn and driven 2 hours for an interview which lasted less than fifteen minutes and during which I was treated as if I were a half wit with no redeeming qualities.  For half a second I wondered if this was some elaborate hoax....if I was the victim of a "Punk'd" episode.

But as I began the two hour drive back home, I began to laugh.  And I thought, "be careful what you pray for!" God had done as I asked....He made His Will for me crystal clear.  Even if I were offered the position, which I doubt....this was not the job for me! It was a humbling experience in many ways.....and a reminder as well.  Always treat people as you wish to be treated and never doubt that God watches out for those who love and trust Him.

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