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Friday, August 10, 2012

How It Began

I first began this blog as a way to work through mental and emotional issues.  For me, writing is like talking to a friend who always listens.....but doesn't necessarily respond.  I wasn't always faithful to write regularly. This summer I've made a conscious effort to be more regular in my writing because now more than ever I need clarity and focus.

I feel that I've come along way since June in that I now like myself......which is a big deal for someone who never felt "good" enough or "successful" enough.  That is not to say I think I'm perfect....not by a long shot. But...I can accept that I am a work in progress with faults and failings that only God can fix.

Most of my entries since June have included Scriptures, not because I am trying to "preach" to anyone. Rather, I want simply to share my journey to becoming the best person I can be......and for me that has meant looking to God for the strength and guidance to do so.  If you've been touched in any way by the things I've shared, its because that is my prayer every time I write.....that God touches you, not my simple thoughts......because although you are reading about my journey...this is not about me.....this is about what God is doing in the life of someone who is willing to be obedient and eager to serve Him.

Life is never is so much better with a God who loves me despite my failings.....a God who helps me bear emotional pain....a God who wants only the best for His followers.  I know that going back to work is going to be difficult so soon after surgery. I will be trusting God to give the extra measure of energy I know I'll need and if I know God, He's going to give me more than enough.

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